Stone Island upgrades their 3000 sq. ft. Los Angeles space into a 5,300 sq. ft. flagship, making it their largest store yet. The independent building features large street facing windows and its interior utilizes display panels of layered glass in shades of blue. The brand’s Lab and Life philosophy is manifested in the selection of materials used to build and decorate the store.


Acne Studios opens its second West Coast store in Geary Street, San Francisco. Much like the East Coast branches before it, the latest boutique follows a minimalist theme that is maximized using a bold accent color. Matte powder coated vermillion is used in the storefront and on the walls and supporting columns, serving as an excellent complement to stainless steel dividers and grey terrazzo flooring.

For over twenty years, Michilli Inc. has delivered premium quality and service to over 150 commercial, retail, and residential projects. Led by founder Angelo Michilli, the company has provided construction and consulting services ranging from offices and showrooms to luxury retail boutiques and private homes.

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