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Every project requires specific and complex know-how and working with a partner who takes full control of the construction process is a great plus.

Today we talk about Ganter Interiors Inc. and we sit down with the Country Manager U.S. & COO, Ronny Höhne to learn more about the Company.



Industry: Fashion, Jewelry, Technology, Pop-Up

Location: Worldwide. Team Manhattan is specialized in Projects in North America

Completed Projects: more than 5,000 worldwide; more than 400 in North America

Employees: 420

4URSPACE Member since: 2016


Tell us about your company. What kind of product or service do you provide?

Ganter is a partner for Retailers, General Contractors and Architects. We take over the responsibility for the entire interior fit-out package. From design engineering over purchasing and manufacturing to site management and final installation we provide excellent solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, Ganter executed more than 5,000 projects including customized high end private apartments, luxury stores with exclusive finishes as well as furniture roll-outs for international retail brands.

The range of our work extends from furnishings and interior design right up to complex technical interior equipment and construction management.

Every project requires specific and complex know-how. This is why we create an individual project team with defined contacts for our customers.
Since we are driven by a desire to be a reliable partner for you in all interior-related matters, we are a partner who takes full control of the situation and assumes responsibility.
For interior projects, we distinguish between three fields of business in which we are actively engaged: retail, commercial and residential.

In terms of retail, we develop and construct high-quality sales spaces for national and international brands as well as for retailers.

In the commercial sector, as your partner, we implement ambitious projects in the commercial or public domain – from office buildings over restaurants to town halls.

In terms of residential property, we implement living spaces for private clients and investors across the globe.

Our team in New York City is specialized in providing end2end solutions for the client, developing and engineering of customized furniture, manufacturing of these items, shipment and installation – no matter if union or non-union sites.


How many employees does your company currently have? Do you have offices in different States?

Founded in 1995, we have expanded from our headquarters in Waldkirch in the Black Forest to further locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. Today, we are working with more than 420 employees worldwide, and 14 employees in our office in Manhattan.

Furthermore, the Ganter Group holds shares in other companies. For instance we are shareholder of the AH Aktivhaus GmbH, for which we are realizing the interior fit-out of sustainable constructed and recyclable pre-fabricated houses that produce more energy that they consume.


Tiffany & Co. – Bellagio Las Vegas


What inspired the business and where is your company today?

For Ganter, it was always important to keep the customer in the center of all endeavors, not a product we intend to sell. We look at construction management as a buying process, not a selling process. Design and requirements change very fast in this industry, and therefore it was clear from the beginning that a well-established network all over the world and very well trained employees are key. Today, Ganter has a network consisting of more than 3,000 partner companies, from fabric, to stone and wood to digital light systems. In order to keep our employees trained on newest materials, latest technologies and current local requirements, Ganter has an own Academy, where we train our project managers and design engineers. Based on our business model, we are able to manage a high quantity of projects at the same time. In addition, due to our internal risk management process, we are able to reduce difficulties to a minimum at the beginning of each project and every step of the way.


In which geographic area did you complete the majority of your projects?

Ganter executes projects worldwide – no matter if Europe, Middle East, China, Russia, India or Africa, the requirements are always the same for a professional project management. Time, Quality and Price. Just the local requirements are different and has to be adapted to the project process. Nevertheless, most of our projects were executed in Europe and North America.


Is your company specialized in completing projects in a specific industry, e.g. Food & Beverage?

Historically, Ganter is coming from the interior fit out for high-end retail clients. That is where we are still strong in, because the retail business requires a high responsibility and flexibility within a very short time frame – and years of experience as well as an effective network. Nevertheless, Ganter enlarged its portfolio over the years and especially in the US, the commercial and residential business is becoming more important.


Tell us about one specific project you worked on and which challenges you solved?

Of course, every project is special and every project has its own challenge. Beside the big international luxury clients, which we are not allowed to name, a project in Philadelphia comes to my mind: Here, we developed and produced a touchless vitrine concept for the customer ‘Hearts on Fire’, completely made of plated steal. The vitrines are working via radio control and glass panels are moving without visible hinges and rails. Sales desks are all curved and laminated with real leather, with a high attention to details. Material was brought together from all over the world to create this beautiful store. So it was not only a challenge to achieve the design, but also the construction work behind the scenes in order to create special and delicate furniture.


Hearts on Fire – King Of Prussia Mall


Which milestones are you planning to achieve in the next 12 months?

Sustainable growth has always been the target of Ganter Interiors. We are well established in the retail business and currently, we are enlarging our team and portfolio with the focus on residential and commercial projects – here in the US, but also in the rest of the world.


What do you like most about 4URSPACE?

4URSPACE provides a great overview about the leaders in the industry and the experience they made. Furthermore, the contact and the communication is always easy as well as highly professional. Two of the most important topics in our industry.




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