Superior workmanship, customer service and attention to details are qualities that brands are looking for when selecting the vendors to work with.

Today we talk about Construction One, Inc and we sit down with the Business Development Manager, Don Skorupski to learn more about the Company.


Industry: Commercial Construction

Location: Columbus, OH

Completed Projects: 100+ Annually

Employees: 55

4URSPACE Member since: 2018


Tell us about your company. What kind of product or service do you provide?

Construction One is a national construction manager and general contractor specializing in commercial building projects and licensed to build in all fifty states. For over 38 years in business, we have successfully completed projects in all fifty states, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Known for superior workmanship, customer service and attention to detail, we are a leading national provider of diversified construction services. Specializing in commercial retail, restaurants, health clubs, resorts and big-box projects.

Construction One has continues to have successful year after year growth.

Our mission is to be a leading provider of diversified construction services in partnership with and for the profitable benefit of our customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and the community


What inspired the business and where is your company today?

Construction One is a family owned business and operated for over 38 years – 3rd generation management team.


How many employees does your company currently have? Do you have offices in different States?

The company currently has 55 employees and 1 office headquartered in Columbus, OH


Oliver Peoples 130 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137


Is your company specialized in completing projects in a specific industry, e.g. Food & Beverage?

Retail, Hospitality, Fitness, Big Box, Restaurants, Large Commercial, Light Commercial, Storage and Grocery
In which geographic area did you complete the majority of your projects?
We are licensed in all 50 states with a majority of projects completed the West, Southwest, Southeast and Midwest Regions of the US.
Tell us about one specific project you worked on and which challenges you solved?
Major “A” level client store being built was a new prototype, During the project, we were turning a designer’s vision into a retail reality. While under construction, designers, engineers, architects, Client personnel, vendors, and contractors all worked together on site to make the project successful. New materials, finishes, signage, electronics and equipment that had not been used before were utilized for the build. There were daily field changes and new ideas every week. Since this was a retail store in a mall, all materials were stored inside of the space while we were building with upwards of 20 people on site. The project was a 24 hour a day 7 day a week operation that ended up meeting the owner’s tight schedule and expectations. All involved had a great feeling of accomplishment in completing the store.


Which milestones are you planning to achieve in the next 12 months? 

+ 20% Gross revenue growth in redevelopment + repurpose work along with a focus on new industry categories such as Medical, Dental, Senior Living, and Storage.


What do you like most about 4URSPACE?

A dedicated source of activity and communication in the commercial construction industry -plus- potential new business partnerships for Construction One.



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