Retail companies often collaborate with Design and Project Management firms that have the ability to develop new concepts and provide professional consultancy services.

Having the ability to manage the Design, Development and Construction phases for multiple projects, has proven to be successful for these companies.

Today we talk about Th3 Standard Inc and we sit down with the President Francesco Ferretti to learn more about the Company.

Industry: Architectural and Project Management Studio

Location: Offices in USA, UK, Italy, Germany

4URSPACE Member since: 2016


Tell us about your company. What kind of product or service do you provide?

Th3 Standard is an independent and international architectural and project management studio, a true retail industry and interior design specialized lab, widely recognized for its ability to offer and develop new concepts and provide a wide range of professional consultancy services and individually tailored solutions to companies or individuals wishing to invest in retail sales networks and carry out projects in private or commercial property developments, both on a national and international scale.


How many employees does your company currently have? Do you have offices in different States?

We currently have 40 employees worldwide and offices in USA, UK, Italy and Germany. From the Florida office we work for the United States and Canada regions.


What inspired the business and where is your company today?

Th3 Standard was created with the clear target to support retail Companies. We are used to understanding the whole store opening process and support our clients in all the relative stages. We have recently structured the company to take on larger markets and expanded our business throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Sea Area.


In which geographic area did you complete the majority of your projects?

Europe, Middle East, and North America.


Is your company specialized in completing projects in a specific industry, e.g. Food & Beverage?

We can work on any kind of retail project.


Tell us about one specific project you worked on and which challenges you solved?

We opened the first LEED Platinum rated jewelry in Europe, in a high street location, coordinating all the vendors and all the related external consultants.


Which milestones are you planning to achieve in the next 12 months?

We aim to increase our business volume in North America and sell our services to American Customers for European developments


What is the one piece of business advice that you never got?

We can make mistakes but usually, we learn from them. Thanks to our multinational profile and our capacity to work in different environments, we have developed a good adaptability to diverse and changing scenarios.


What do you like most about 4URSPACE?

4URSPACE is a fast and easy way to find the right partner in the right place…



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