Iliad, the Italian new cellular operator, just inaugurated its 8th opening with their second store in Milan this week.

Th3 Standard and Blu Label are the Architects and General Contractor who have worked on this project.

Th3 Standard is an independent and international architectural and project management firm, a true retail industry and interior design specialized lab, widely recognized for its ability to offer and develop new concepts and provide a wide range of professional consultancy services and individually tailored solutions to companies or individuals wishing to invest in retail sales networks and carry out projects in private or commercial property developments, on an international scale.

Blu Label is a true “construction lab” in continuous turmoil, open to contamination and sensitive to international trends. Master in interior construction, Blu label helps international companies designing and build up luxury workspaces in the retail market as well as hotels, business offices, architecture and public interiors, locally or internationally, in every corner of Europe.