I stopped by the new Glossier flagship store in New York last week.

Glossier opened its first flagship store at 123 Lafayette Street in New York City on November 8, at the same address where the company was originally founded back in 2014. 

Glossier Flagship, roughly 3,000 square feet, is a permanent retail location in a two-story ground floor retail space. Glossier Flagship is meant to be “the ultimate physical expression of the brand”

In only a few short years, Glossier has exploded onto the scene. The words “brand” and “retailer” may not even do it justice. Having raised over $86 million in funding and expanded into four countries, Glossier is and should be in rarefied air because it and its newest flagship store just may be the industry’s first looking glass into the future.

The company joins a group of digitally native brands moving into physical spaces after starting online, including the likes of Away, Bonobos and Modcloth. Up until this point, Glossier has followed more the model of the latter two, which have likewise opened showroom-style locations to promote products in brick-and-mortar settings.

HIRSCH CONSTRUCTION CORP is the General Contractor who has worked on the project

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