The new mobile app of 4URSPACE is meticulously designed to streamline project management. By aggregating multiple aspects of each construction project into multi-access-levels with security hierarchy, the timelines, responsibilities, sharing of files, dissemination of updates for construction projects can all be managed more efficiently than ever before.

Architects, general contractors, clients, and other vendors can collaborate seamlessly on current projects while potentially networking towards future projects as well.

“Now with the addition of our new app, 4URSPACE adds the convenience of mobility – enabling access to our suite of tools right where they are often most needed: in the field at the construction site,” says Stefano Sanchini, Founder and CEO. Mr. Sanchini elaborated: “For many months, we worked closely with several major brands, getting real-time feedback throughout the development of this app. We have no doubt the 4URSPACE app addresses industry concerns and demands. We are confident that our users will immediately align workflow, improve timelines and reduce expenses while modernizing the way the commercial construction industry collaborates, shares information, communicates and networks while building new spaces.”

The 4URSPACE app creates a unique opportunity to improve the work and collaboration of millions of professionals working in the commercial construction industry and allows users to be part of a network from which they can grow their business and professional opportunities. The “My Projects” feature of the 4URSPACE app allows users to create projects, manage projects and invite members to join those projects — easily sharing files, disseminating information, assigning and tracking tasks, and more. My Projects also allows users to search, connect, and network with other 4URSPACE members who may be working in the same geographical area.

The 4URSPACE mobile application is iPhone and Android friendly.