Integra Fragrances Developed 5 Exclusive Fragrances for the Latest Tiffany & Co. Exhibition in Tokyo 

Integra Fragrances Developed 5 Exclusive Fragrances for the Latest Tiffany & Co. Exhibition in Tokyo 

Tiffany Wonder is the latest Tiffany & Co. exhibition at Toranomon Hills Station Tower in Tokyo, an immersive show bringing visitors on a visual journey through hundreds of the House’s design masterworks, legendary diamonds and breathtaking wonders. Opening to the public until June 23rd 2024, Tiffany Wonder tells a story of craft and creativity, heritage and modernity at Tiffany & Co. over a span of 187 years.

For this occasion, Integra Fragrances, the scent branding firm and premium vendor on the Global Vendor Marketplace, created five bespoke scents diffused using its innovative technology in selected rooms of the exhibition: 

  • “MUSC PREMIÈRE” scents the “Wonder of Origins” room
  • “KIMONO TEA” scents the “Wonder of Design – Japan” room
  • “SUNRISE AT TIFFANY’S” scents the “Wonder of Glamour” room 
  • “HANAMI” scents the “Wonder of Celebration – Love” room
  • “DIAMANT ÉCLATANT” scents the “Wonder of Nature – The Tiffany Diamond” room

Explore the Five Scents

  1. “MUSC PREMIÈRE” is the special fragrance diffused in the air using Integra Fragrances’s technology welcoming guests at Tiffany Wonder exhibition in the “Wonder of Origins” room. This place takes visitors back to the origins of the brand, exploring themes that are central to the House’s identity, heritage and foundations of creativity and craftsmanship. With its delicate silky accord, “MUSC PREMIÈRE” embraces guests like a soft caress. Petals of lily and camellia evoke a sense of care and comfort. A suspended in time musk gently lingers in the air, sealing an elegant atmosphere.

  1. “KIMONO TEA” is a real olfactory journey across centuries-old Japanese traditions. The fragrance diffused in the “Wonder of Design – Japan” room, mirrors Japan’s rich artisanal traditions, reproducing the soothing effluvium of earl grey tea, while lavender and hay notes gently whisper in the heart of the scent. Hinoki wood adds refinement and stability to this unique olfactory experience. Designed by Integra Fragrances, “KIMONO TEA” perfectly fits with the ambient where it’s spread, a tribute room to Japan and to the famous furniture objects produced by the House.

  1. “SUNRISE AT TIFFANY’S” welcomes visitors in the “Wonder of Glamour” section, a rounded cinema room showcasing the iconic pieces used in timeless masterpiece movies, such as – but not limited to – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Integra Fragrances  designed “SUNRISE AT TIFFANY’S” embodying the scent of a sunrise in New York, to recreate the olfactive atmosphere that surrounded Audrey Hepburn during the most iconic scene of the movie, when she’s drinking coffee and biting a croissant in front of the Tiffany’s Landmark windows. This  fragrance awakens the senses with the luminous scent of lemon, reminiscent of the sun rising over the New York City skyline. Almond notes anticipate the indulgence of a delicious breakfast, while a bright cedarwood captures the essence of this urban allure, reflecting the dynamic soul of the city.

  1. “HANAMI” scents the “Wonder of Celebration – Love” room, a section dedicated to celebrating love. The room is perfumed with a romantic fragrance developed by the leading company in scent branding as an olfactory ode to the beauty of springtime in Japan. Delicate cherry blossom evokes the romantic bloom of flowers, as nature awakens from its winter slumber. A fleeting pollen gently floats in the air, while Tsubaki flowers capture the essence of the fresh morning dew. A scent to celebrate the beauty of life. To end the exhibition, a whole space is set aside for the brand’s single most famous diamond. The Tiffany diamond, a fancy yellow stone weighing 128.45 carats that was unearthed in the South African Kimberley diamond mine in 1877. It’s the house’s proudest treasure, and a cornerstone of its love for beauty. Propped in the center of this room called “Wonder of Nature – The Tiffany Diamond”, the one-of-a-kind stone sits in its contemporary mounting, an homage to Schlumberger’s Bird on a Rock design with five birds circling the diamond. 

  1. The “Wonder of Nature – The Tiffany Diamond” section is scented with “DIAMANT ÉCLATANT”, a special perfume that Integra Fragrances developed for this room to tell the story of the formation of diamonds. The yellow shine of yuzu echoes the vibrant energy of sunlight that penetrates this submerged rocky cathedral. A bright, mineral accord evokes the raw essence of underground formations. A mysterious crystal dust adds a subtle mirroring effect, evoking the pristine purity of precious diamonds.

These five bespoke scent creations are gently diffused within the exhibition through Integra Fragrances’ remote-controlled scenting technology. The scent devices were integrated into the architectural structure in order not to have any aesthetic impact on the luxury perception of this high-end experience. The scent diffusion project was designed by Integra Fragrances in collaboration with Tiffany’s design team. The Italian company specialized in scent branding curated installation, maintenance, dismantling and operated the devices from remote during the entire duration of the exhibition.

About Integra Fragrances 

A made-in-Italy excellence, Integra Fragrances designs scent identities for the world’s leading brands by leveraging the power of smell to create unique, branded experiences. 

Since 2006, Integra Fragrances has been offering scent branding strategies and services for international fashion, luxury, design and hospitality companies, as well as banks, museums, airlines, and private yachts. Bulgari, Fendi, Ferragamo, MaxMara and Emirates are just some of the prestigious brands that Integra Fragrances serves all over the world. 

The company specializes in the creation of bespoke fragrances able to translate the brand’s DNA into a custom sensorial experience, which makes customer journeys unique and unforgettable. Thanks to a careful study of the brand and its values, Integra Fragrances designs exclusive olfactory notes that become real identities. This expertise, combined with an avant-garde scenting technology, an exceptional level of service, and decades of experience in the retail and HVAC design, allows Integra Fragrances to perfume brands and events with over 5000 remotely controlled devices installed worldwide. Check out their vendor profile here.

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