About an hour outside the center of Rome, in the coastal suburb of Ostia, a disadvantaged neighborhood is characterized by row after row of run-down concrete apartment buildings.

It’s worlds away from the splendors of Rome, but it’s also the location of a state-of-the-art, bright orange and saffron yellow building that has just opened expressly for the children of this neighborhood.

Created within an abandoned school, the first Punto Luce Delle Arti (Bright Point of Art) is the result of a collaboration between Roman luxury brand Bulgari and Save the Children. It’s an educational center that gives children and teenagers free access to courses, academic support, and social activities, all focused on arts and crafts.

The building itself is a bright spot in an otherwise grey landscape, with a giant red lamp painted at its entrance to illustrate the ‘punto luce’ theme.

Aside from the money donated by Bulgari, 35 percent of the cost of the project was donated by over 40 suppliers who work with the brand, from designers to painters and chair manufacturers.

Zordan s.r.l. sb is one of the suppliers who has worked on the project. In line with its ethical vision of the business, Zordan has donated half of the furnishings made for the new Save the Children Bright Point of Art.