Starbucks Reserve Roastery opening inside the historic Poste building in Piazza Cordusio is the company’s first location in Italy, with plans to bring additional cafes to Milan beginning late 2018

Designed as an homage to the Italian espresso culture that inspired Howard Schultz 35 years ago to create the Starbucks Experience, the 2,300-square-meter (25,000 sq. ft.) Reserve Roastery showcases the theatre of coffee roasting, brewing, and mixology in the epicenter of fashion and culture 

The premium Reserve experience will offer limited availability, small-lot Arabica coffee sourced from 30 countries around the world, roasted for the first time in Europe and paired with freshly baked artisanal food from a local baker, Rocco Princi

Roastery opening creates nearly 300 jobs in Italy; Starbucks also invests in additional career-building by bringing its world-class Apprenticeship Program to Milan as well as collaborating with the Fondazione Don Gino Rigoldi and La Scala Academy READ MORE