Your Complete One-Stop-Shop Back of House Supplier

Your Complete One-Stop-Shop Back of House Supplier


A well organized, designed and efficient back of house, means less time spent by your store’s personnel looking for items.

Today we talk about Mobile Media Storage Solutions and we sit down with the Senior Project Manager, Jessica Robinson to learn more about the Company.

Industry: Retail, Hospitality, Sporting, Food & Beverage, Administration, Horticulture, and Industrial/Warehousing.

Location: Manufacturing done in NY. Supply to any location. 

Completed Projects: +1500/year

Employees: 40

4URSPACE Member since: 2017


Tell us about your company. What kind of product or service do you provide?

Mobile Media Storage Solutions manufactures high-density mobile shelving systems and also supplies stationary shelving to save space and increase product storage capacity. Mobile Media Storage Solutions is a complete one-stop-shop back of house supplier providing various lockers, desks, safes, dry erase, ladder hangers, and many more products. Mobile Media Storage Solutions ships guaranteed freight with union or non-union installations backed by a full 10-year warranty!


How many employees does your company currently have? Do you have offices in different States?

We have 40 employees and only have offices in NY; however, we service nationwide and have international capabilities.



What inspired the business and where is your company today?

Mobile Media started out as a storage resource for the media industry prior to electronic filing and technological advances. VHS tapes and documents needed to be filed and we supplied a space saving product. Since electronic filing arose and physical storage is not needed as much for those reasons, Mobile Media has evolved and currently supplies to other industries such as retail, sporting, hospitality, food service and administration where necessary.


In which geographic area did you complete the majority of your projects?

Primarily we service North America. We have supplied in all 50 states as well as Mexico, Canada and some international.


Is your company specialized in completing projects in a specific industry, e.g. Food & Beverage?

The retail industry is our primary clientele at the moment but any industry that wants to increase storage capacity can benefit from our product.


Tell us about one specific project you worked on and which challenges you solved?

A project where we encountered challenges was where we arrived ready to install our product and the room dimensions were not as anticipated per the architect’s drawings. We had to adapt the custom designed system on site with various cutting and modifications to the shelving units. The client’s expected capacity ended up different from what was in accordance with the drawings, but we creatively were able to additionally maximize their storage by using other wall spaces and rearranging additional BOH equipment for the client. To make matters worse, this job was in California and our main shipping facility is in New York. Overnighting extra parts would have been very costly to the client. To compensate for this we utilized our west coast partnership facility to quickly and inexpensively get them the materials they needed to conclude conquering the room dimension challenge.


Which milestones are you planning to achieve in the next 12 months?

We are looking to break into other industries such as horticulture, but we also want to focus on nurturing our current industries further to continue working on becoming a standard in those industries.


What do you like most about 4URSPACE?

What we like most about 4URSPACE is the networking opportunities including connectivity with other industry experts, ease of use within the platform, and lightning quick assistance from the hands-on team at 4URSPACE.



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