The Company Helping Clients By Providing a Customized Blend of Cutting-Edge Technologies.

The Company Helping Clients By Providing a Customized Blend of Cutting-Edge Technologies.

Today we talk about Creative Multimedia Designs and we sit down with the Owner and Senior Design Consultant, David Goldenberg to learn more about the Company.

Industry: Retail, Healthcare. Corporate

Location: New York, NY

Employees: +20

Completed projects: +150

Tell us about your company. What kind of product or service do you provide?

Creative Multimedia Designs is an audiovisual design and consulting firm. We help our clients better communicate ideas, share information and collaborate with audiences by providing a customized blend of cutting-edge technologies.

How many employees does your company currently have? Do you have offices in different States?

Creative Multimedia Designs has over 20 employees.  We do not have offices in different states; however, our team does work nationally.

What inspired the business and where is your company today?

Creative Multimedia Designs grew out of a need for a consulting firm that could work with retailers to better help them develop technologies and strategies for their brick and mortar locations.  A lot of retailers grasp the online model well, but have trouble translating that into their stores.  Creative Multimedia Designs works with retailers to bring the look and feel of an online platform into their physical stores. 

We have taken that same approach to corporate and institutional clients developing webconferencing applications and wireless technologies that they’re familiar with in the home to their corporate offices.

In which geographic area did you complete the majority of your projects?

The majority of our projects are in the NY/Metro area; however, we have worked with our clients nationally on projects.

Is your company specialized in completing projects in a specific industry, e.g. Food & Beverage?

We don’t particularly specialize in one specific industry; however, we have worked with a number of luxury brands.

Tell us about one specific project you worked on and which challenges you solved?

We worked with one retailer that was building a flagship store.  They wanted their customers to interact with the store technology through their smartphones, but without downloading a specific app.  Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technologies, 2-way communication between the digital signage and mobile devices allowed for the delivery of highly targeted promotions based on location as well the ability to control digital signage playback from a mobile device.  Additionally, we developed a fitting room application using mirror screen technology to provide customers trying on articles of clothing with a list of accessories based on the RFID tag of the item.

Which milestones are you planning to achieve in the next 12 months?

The merging of the online and brick and mortar joint experience is in its infancy and Creative Multimedia Designs would like to be at the forefront in the development of applications that bring those two platforms together.

What do you like most about 4URSPACE?

4URSPACE is a great platform to meet GC’s, retailers and specialty contractors, but I find the project profiles to be helpful in understanding where the industry is heading. 


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