Hermès Opens a New Kind of Shop in New York

Hermès Opens a New Kind of Shop in New York

Photographer: Frank Oudemen

The company’s fifth physical location in New York, and its 36thin the U.S., marks the first time Hermès’ Manhattan footprint has expanded outside the traditional luxury enclave on Madison Avenue or downtown on Wall Street in the Financial District.

At the two-story, 5,330-square-foot Hermès emporium, where a skylight streams in natural light, visitors can find many firsts of their kind for the luxury label. A communal sitting area with bar stools—where you can hang out and order free coffee, sparkling water or wine while charging your phone

Employees for the first time will have a different uniform, sporting “a much more casual look,” and male employees don’t have to wear ties, adding that the employees will don Hermès sneakers. READ MORE

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