Benetton has announced the opening of “numerous” new stores “in the main cities of the world” by the end of 2019 as part of its strategy to revive the brand. The first ones will be opened this Spring/Summer in Benetton’s native Italy, in the cities of Rome, Palermo and Naples, followed by stores in Bangalore, India, and Deauville, France. The label does not disclose how many stores it plans to open in total, neither does it reveal the full list of cities where they will be located.

The new retail locations will feature a store concept called “Light Colors”, conceived by architect Tobia Scarpa and first debuted at Benetton’s London flagship opened in March 2018. A special lighting system including both direct and indirect light sources will “bring out the happiness of the colors of the displayed products”, in the words of Scarpa in a statement published on Benetton’s website.