McDonald’s Massive Times Square Flagship Store Is Now Open

McDonald’s Massive Times Square Flagship Store Is Now Open

The next time you find yourself in Times Square, you will most definitely notice McDonald’s new flagship restaurant. At 11,200 square feet, it takes up a good chunk of space on 45th and Broadway—the massive 9,280-square-foot billboard sitting on top is equally hard to miss.

Formerly occupied by Toys R Us until 2015, offers three floors of seating–including an expanded second floor which juts out 12 feet over the street and an added mezzanine above. Schimenti also installed three dumbwaiters, 18 self-ordering kiosks and a 50-foot high curtain wall-an entirely glass-paneled wall allowing an expansive view of the street below and the entirety of Times Square

Schimenti Construction Company is the general contractor who has built the restaurant chain’s new flagship location in the heart of NewYork City’s iconic Times Square.

“We are so proud to have been a part of creating this new McDonald’s flagship restaurant, which will undoubtedly become the New York City expression of McDonald’s,” said Gregg Chappel of Schimenti Construction Company. “As with all of our projects over more than 25 years in the industry, we made sure the client’s vision for the project is what ended up as a reality for all to see. While building in the middle of world’s busiest intersection can be challenging for some, we viewed it as a badge of honor to be trusted with such an enormous responsibility and we hope McDonald’s, its customers and crew will enjoy the space for many years to come.”

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