Delvaux, the world’s oldest fine-leather luxury goods house, has opened a Rome flagship in a historic building in the exclusive Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.

The concept, created by long-time collaborator Vudafieri-Saverino Partners with Delvaux chairman and CEO Jean-Marc Loubier, celebrates “Belgitude” and the leit motif is a Domus Romana, the typical house inhabited by the upper classes in ancient Rome. The boutique mirrors the layout of traditional Roman homes, from the atrium (entrance), tablinum (living room) and peristilum (private, inner courtyard) to the triclinum (formal dining).

The Travertino Navona marble floor—in a lozenge pattern with brass inserts—leads to the peristilum at the rear, featuring the building’s original white cross vaults, with columns decorated in a special wallpaper designed by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, in which the ruins of the Neoclassic artist Piranesi are reinterpreted as colourful pop-art works.