Gucci on El Paseo in Palm Desert gets a new look for 2019. The highly anticipated new store in The Gardens on El Paseo opened its doors on Aug. 23. The interior design of the boutique is posh and opulent, yet perfectly balanced and casual. The contrasting charm of the avant-garde blended with classic style is a Gucci specialty. 

Relocated and upgraded from its former location on the north end of El Paseo, the impressive new location is over 4,000 square feet and brimming with a stunning assortment of men’s and women’s merchandise. The luxury store’s modern makeover is polished and seductive—you won’t be able to resist documenting a visit on your social (as if seeing all our favorite influencers decked out in Gucci isn’t reason enough to visit).

HIRSCH CONSTRUCTION CORP is the General Contractor who has worked with Gucci on the project.

Hirsch Construction Corp. brings to life the most exciting locations for the nation’s best brands in a plethora of industries. Managing projects across North America, we offer a variety of services most companies cannot, facilitating everything from prototypes that set the tone, to high-profile flagships.