Canadian home furnishings retailer, EQ3, has opened its first store in New York City.

The three-level, 11,800 square foot space is located in the Chelsea furniture design district at 116 7th Avenue. The store is one of only a handful of new retail builds in the area as most brands coming into the neighborhood renovate existing spaces. In contrast to the brick and stone buildings in the area, the new EQ3 store becomes a beacon of glass and light.

Established in 2001, EQ3 is a Canadian-based designer, manufacturer, and retailer of timeless home furnishings. EQ3 champions original design, domestic manufacturing, and products suitable for any home. 

Michilli Inc. is the General Contractor who has worked on the project.

For over twenty years, Michilli Inc. has delivered premium quality and service to over 150 commercial, retail, and residential projects. Led by founder Angelo Michilli, the company has provided construction and consulting services ranging from offices and showrooms to luxury retail boutiques and private homes. VIEW COMPANY PROFILE