Scent & Sanitization Project By Integra Fragrances

A remotely controlled technology connected to the existing HVAC system nebulizes a non-toxic biocide that sanitizes the air, surfaces, all products, textiles, and air conditioning every day from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

A laboratory tested protocol and a smart reporting certify that the microbial contamination level of the air and surfaces in the environment is constantly kept at the best indoor quality levels 24 hours a day. Sanitization can be combined with ambient scenting or can occur alone.

The main advantages of our sanitization service are:

. Environment, air, surfaces, items, textiles, and air conditioning systems are sanitized multiple times a day.
. Its effectiveness is laboratory tested.
. It requires no management from Your staff.
. It takes place through the HVAC system and is controlled from remote, requiring no staff involved from our side.
. It is safe, odorless, non-aggressive, and compatible with all materials, including the natural and most precious ones.
. Monthly reporting and advanced air quality assessment before and after the treatment.

A project conceived to help you create a pleasant, high-end shopping experience while conveying the value of safety, care, and commitment that the brand bears towards all its stakeholders.

For additional information about the Scent & Sanitization Project please contact Integra Fragrances at

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