Why Swarovski Has Decided to use 4URSPACE to Manage New Openings and Renovations

Why Swarovski Has Decided to use 4URSPACE to Manage New Openings and Renovations

4URSPACE is the app that enables teams building out tenant commercial spaces to communicate and collaborate across multiple projects in real-time. Currently, teams exchange and store files, photos, and tasks across various platforms, creating a frustrating and disorganized communication process. Traveling to job-sites is currently limited and generates additional costs. 

4URSPACE users like Swarovski have access to customized solutions including clear visibility of tasks and milestones, live video access to every job-site according to local regulations, custom folders by space types and brands (Standard Document Management System), and overall streamline their communications across the globe.

Currently, Swarovski has 30 projects managed through the app and an estimate of approximately 300 projects for 2021.

Ivo D’Ortenzio, Head of Global Construction & Facility Management at Swarovski shares the reason why Swarovski has decided to implement 4URSPACE:

There are several collaboration apps and software in the market, but only 4URSPACE has offered us a technology tailored to our own needs that is easy to adopt for every team. 
The 4URSPACE team has been supporting our entire organization by offering a highly effective customized app that is perfect to manage a large volume of projects in different countries and regions. 
Today investing in technology that supports and improves efficiencies and collaboration when working remotely has become more important than ever. 4URSPACE is the team we choose to collaborate with

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