New Feature Update: Discover Vendors Who Have Worked Nearby

New Feature Update: Discover Vendors Who Have Worked Nearby

We are excited to introduce our new feature ‘Discover Vendors Who Have Worked Nearby’ within the Project Management App

The new feature uses geolocation to identify vendors who have worked near the current active projects of different clients and brands. It is designed to help client’s Project Managers in choosing vendors to work with based on the location of their current and past projects.

Simultaneously, it provides vendors with an opportunity to showcase their work to project managers currently involved in projects within specific locations, actively seeking services in their area.

The Benefits for Project Managers

When a project manager creates a new project on the app, this feature will automatically show all vendors who have successfully completed projects in the same location. 

And when the vendors post new projects on their profiles, completed in the same location, project managers receive a notification.

The tool provides project managers with a clear understanding of each vendor’s network and experience including crucial insights into the types of projects these vendors have undertaken, along with key project details and eliminates the need for time-consuming vendor searches. 

Moreover, project managers can directly invite these vendors to submit bids for their ongoing projects.

The Benefits for Vendors

For vendors, this feature offers significant advantages. It automatically promotes your company and services to clients who have active projects in specific locations. 

Whenever a vendor updates their profile with a new project, an email is automatically sent to notify project managers who have active projects in the same location where the vendor completed the project. Also, the vendor’s profile becomes visible in the project manager’s project dashboard.

With this new feature, we provide project managers with valuable information about nearby vendors, while simultaneously showcasing vendors’ profiles to prospective clients.


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