Maximize Project Success with the New Analytics Feature

Maximize Project Success with the New Analytics Feature

Introducing the 4URSPACE Analytics Feature, a brand new tool that puts the power of data at your fingertips. Users can find this feature in-app by easily accessing the Analytics feature on the side menu of the dashboard.

Recognizing that data is king, this feature helps you and your teams to make informed decisions that impact project performance. With on-demand access to budgets and KPIs, navigation through diverse teams and regions, detailed cost breakdowns, real-time monitoring of project statuses and types, and punch list performance metrics, our analytics platform gives you what you need to make better decisions for better outcomes. 

What sets us apart is customization – tell us your data tracking needs, and our dedicated team will tailor your dashboard to match your project’s specific requirements. This feature isn’t just about managing projects; it’s about optimizing them for success. Take a look at what the feature offers and how you can leverage data to achieve your projects’ and clients’ goals. 

8 Benefits of the 4URSPACE New Analytics Feature


1. Data is King

Let’s start by highlighting the importance of data for your projects: Data offers valuable insights for informed decision-making, impacting project performance. You’ll want to analyze data points to uncover patterns, correlations, and behaviors for smarter decision-making and more effective team management. 

Understanding your data allows you to organize and streamline processes, identifying areas for improvement. This optimization empowers you and your teams to enhance workflows, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency, ensuring timely project delivery.

2. On-Demand Access to Budgets and KPIs

Monitor your budgets and costs to make changes to your orders when necessary. Leverage the Analytics Feature to gain real-time insights into budgets and schedules, providing a clear understanding of your financial landscape.

3. Project Overview Across Teams and Regions

Across different teams and regions, users can access budgets and costs along with the average cost of each supplier and get full visibility of the financial status of every project.

4. Detailed Cost Breakdown

Gain detailed insights into your project costs by examining the breakdown of average costs per square meter (or square foot) by suppliers across all types of projects.

5. Monitoring Project Status and Type

Rely on our analytics platform to monitor the real-time tracking of your project statuses and types, including construction in progress, design in progress, and tender in progress.

6. Punch List Performance Metrics

Users can track the percentage of open versus closed items, providing an understanding of the project’s overall status and the outstanding tasks that require attention. Additionally, the feature enables real-time monitoring of status updates, offering a view of the project’s progress.

Users can also assess vendor performance using insightful metrics like time to complete, offering a quantitative measure of efficiency. Sephora USA is one of the many clients leveraging punch-list analytics to monitor the status of their projects.

7. Track Project Duration

Check the average duration of projects across various types and regions. You will gain insights into Total Projects, Average Weeks, and Average Days.

8. Customization for Tailored Insights

The best part about our analytics feature is that it is designed to be customizable for your specific projects. Let our dedicated team know about your data tracking requirements, and we can customize your dashboard to align with your specific requests.

Watch: Click here for a tutorial on how to use this feature.

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