Sephora USA, Louis Vuitton Singapore, and Others Use 4URSPACE to Manage Retail Projects

Sephora USA, Louis Vuitton Singapore, and Others Use 4URSPACE to Manage Retail Projects

LVMH brands such as Sephora USA and Louis Vuitton Singapore leverage 4URSPACE Store Project Management, which includes features like punch lists, budget/cost tracking, file sharing, reporting, and other customized features our team has built for clients. 

Some of these resources listed above are part of our Analytics feature, accessible on the dashboard, providing a variety of customizable data needed and required for your project. If you’re interested in learning more about these features, click here.

About the 4URSPACE Store Project Management Tool

The 4URSPACE Store Project Management tool serves as a communication hub for internal teams and external suppliers, accommodating unlimited team members for individual projects. Project managers benefit from an overview of their projects, reducing monitoring time and facilitating awareness of ongoing developments. 

“4URSPACE Provides Essential Reports at Our Fingertips”

Jean-Romain Theil, Head of Sourcing for Retail Operations and Finance at LVMH, expresses appreciation for 4URSPACE, stating, “4URSPACE perfectly aligns with the operational and communication needs of our Maisons, both internally and with our suppliers. It aids us in delivering excellence while reducing lead times across all construction projects, providing essential reports at our fingertips.”

Additionally, LVMH brands use 4URSPACE for insightful data tracking, reporting management, and consolidated information access. This consolidated approach empowers teams to achieve goals efficiently, make informed decisions, and realize time and cost savings. Project managers can easily relay financial and project outcomes to team members with the metrics provided by the tool.

“4URSPACE Provides an Efficient Way…to Monitor Progress at All Four Stages”

Nicolas Martin, Sustainable Store Planning Manager for LVMH, emphasizes the integration of their store development sustainability protocol into the 4URSPACE platform. He notes, “Through our partnership with 4URSPACE, we have seamlessly integrated our store development sustainability protocol into their platform. 4URSPACE provides an efficient way for our maisons to monitor their progress at all four stages of any project.”

As Nicolas Martin mentioned, teams integrate their existing tools into our Store Project Management tool, ensuring easy organization and control over each project step.

If you are a project manager or are looking for a project management tool for your organization, schedule a call here with 4URSPACE and get a full demo with our founder, Stefano Sanchini.

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