Streamline Your Project’s Financial Management with This Easy Tool

Streamline Your Project’s Financial Management with This Easy Tool

The 4URSPACE Budget Feature allows clients to have complete control over the financial aspects of their projects, from budget approvals to tenders and actual costs. Th3 Standard Inc. is one of the many clients using the budget feature to manage Budget Approval, Tender Phase, and Actual Costs.

Using a customized template, clients can easily create and update their initial budget. Once the budget details are entered, the platform generates analytics to help the team better forecast the investment.

The Tender/Bids feature simplifies the comparison of multiple bids, and standardizes the format for easy and fast review and approval.

Once the bids are approved through the platform, the values are automatically copied into the Costs template, making it easy for the team to update the information and eliminate unnecessary manual entries.

The Budget feature offers a budget comparison tool, enabling the comparison of values between budgets and actual costs. Also, the platform includes an Analytics page where clients can access real-time information filtered by region and project type. What’s included?

  • Total Budget
  • Total Costs
  • Approved and Pending change orders
  • Cost per Sq.Ft or Sq.Mt
  • Average cost per type of supplier
  • Suppliers’ metrics with total committed amounts.

To learn more about the Budget Feature and gain access to a trial of a project, please schedule a call with us.

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