New Features at 4URSPACE: How They Benefit Vendors, Project Managers, & Clients

New Features at 4URSPACE: How They Benefit Vendors, Project Managers, & Clients

Over the past few months, 4URSPACE has introduced two new features—one for the Global Vendor Marketplace and the other integrated into the Store Project Management Tool. These features significantly enhance the overall outcomes of construction projects in distinct ways.

Firstly, within the Global Vendor Marketplace, we’ve rolled out an innovative geolocation feature called “Discover Vendors Who Have Worked Nearby.” This feature curates a list of vendors based on the locations of project managers’ current and active projects. 

The benefits extend to both project managers and vendors. Project managers can effectively select the most suitable vendors for collaboration, while vendors are showcased based on the locations of their current and past projects.

On the other hand, our latest addition to the Store Project Management Tool is the Analytics feature. This feature allows access to data which includes project timelines, costs and budgets, punch list metrics, KPIs, and more. Users can conveniently navigate to this feature through the app’s side menu on the dashboard.

Here’s an overview of the two new features and how your company and/or clients can benefit from each one. To dive deeper into these capabilities, we invite you to schedule a call with Stefano Sanchini, the founder and CEO of 4URSPACE, who will provide an exclusive and customizable demo for your specific needs and interests.

Discover Vendors Who Have Worked Nearby

Within the 4URSPACE Global Vendor Marketplace, we have added our new and innovative feature that uses geolocation to identify vendors who have completed work near the current and active projects of different clients and brands, connecting the project manager with the vendor. 

How it Works

For example, suppose a project manager is in search of a vendor’s services in Miami Beach. This feature will compile a list of vendors with ongoing or completed projects near that location, presenting the project manager with the opportunity to further investigate that vendor’s profile and potentially bid on their services. 

Benefit for Project Managers

The feature is designed to help PMs in selecting vendors based on the geographic relevance of their current and past projects. The benefits include expertise in the services, local knowledge and regulations, and familiarity with the specific project or type of work required.  

Benefits for Vendors

This feature promotes your company and services by automatically showcasing them to potential clients engaged in projects near your completed or ongoing projects listed on your vendor profile. 

The highlight of this functionality is that each time you update your profile with a new project, an automatic email is sent to PMs overseeing active projects in the location of your current or completed projects. During that time, your profile gains visibility on the project manager’s dashboard, creating a potential opportunity for collaboration.   

Analytics Feature to Maximize Project Success

Our recently launched Analytics feature is accessible within the Store Project Management tool. This feature provides brands and project managers with access to a variety of data, all of which can be easily customized by our dedicated team. In summary, the feature includes:

  • On-demand access to budgets and KPIs, providing real-time insights into budgets and schedules for a better understanding of your financial landscape.
  • Project overview across teams and regions, enabling users to access budgets, costs, and average supplier costs, ensuring full visibility into the financial status of each project.
  • Detailed cost breakdown, offering insights into project costs through the examination of average costs per square meter (or square foot) by suppliers across all project types.
  • Real-time monitoring of project statuses and types, including construction in progress, design in progress, and tender in progress, allowing for effective and accurate tracking.
  • Punch list performance metrics to enhance understanding of the project’s overall status, identifying outstanding tasks that require attention.
  • Insight into project duration metrics such as Total Projects, Average Weeks, and Average Days, providing a comprehensive view of project timelines.
  • Customization for Tailored Insights, managed by our dedicated team to optimize your dashboard and enhance your overall experience based on your specific needs.

To learn more about these new features, click here.

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