How Th3 Standard Uses 4URSPACE to Get Results

How Th3 Standard Uses 4URSPACE to Get Results

Th3 Standard is one of the many architecture design and project management firms using 4URSPACE to successfully manage retail projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Th3 Standard recently leveraged this feature within the app for a breathtaking project—the flagship of a global luxury brand in New York City, a first of its kind.  

In addition, the firm is a premium vendor on the Global Vendor Marketplace, a platform that connects vendors with potential clients worldwide and vice versa. 

 How Th3 Standard Uses 4URSPACE 

Th3 Standard uses many features within 4URSPACE, which include:

  • Custom reports as kick-off meetings and site visits reports 
  • Folder and files sharing among project members
  • Punch list features which includes a variety of analytics
  • Budgeting analysis and project cost control management
  • Project timing

Th3 Standard Uses the Punch List Feature

By using the punch list feature, Th3 Standard monitored the status of open versus closed items, a crucial aspect when managing multiple tasks at once in a complex design project, like this recent job in NYC.

This functionality provides understanding of the project’s overall status and identifies outstanding tasks requiring attention and ensures vendors and suppliers adhere to deadlines.

 Th3 Standard leveraged the punch list functionality to extract valuable metrics, including time to completion, offering a quantitative measure of efficiency.

 Overall, the Store Project Management App’s punch list feature has proven success for companies like Th3 Standard, offering oversight of project status and measurements of timelines. This capability enhances their ability to comprehend and effectively manage projects, contributing to overall project success.

About 4URSPACE Store Project Management  

The Store Project Management app features a dashboard that allows unlimited access to projects and team members. It offers valuable insights into your retail projects, enhancing their management, and incorporates organizational features to streamline the tracking of essential information—all located in one place. This tool is trusted by brands such as Th3 Standard, Sephora USA, Louis Vuitton Singapore, and many more.

Our dedicated team provides white glove service, ensuring the tool is easily customizable to meet the unique requirements of each individual project. Some of the features within the app include:

  • Unlimited team members to your projects
  • Custom reporting
  •  Integration with our Global Vendor Marketplace
  • Cloud storage access
  • Competitive bid management
  • Sustainability tracking & reporting
  • Full scope of analytics
  • Personalized account set up
  • Custom API integrations

About Th3 Standard

Th3 Standard is an international architectural design and project management company specializing in retail. The firm invests time in creating retail stores, showrooms, boutiques, and offices with careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. Th3 Standard is an expert in the end-to-end building/design management processes and has delivered many projects for well-known international retail brands and franchise partners alike over our illustrious years in the industry. We invite you to explore their vendor profile and check out some of their projects.

If you are a project manager or are looking for a project management tool for your organization, schedule a call here with 4URSPACE and get a full demo with our founder, Stefano Sanchini.

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