Why this Senior Project Manager Prefers to Use 4URSPACE

Why this Senior Project Manager Prefers to Use 4URSPACE

The 4URSPACE Project Management App, is used by numerous project managers and industry professionals to oversee the development of retail projects. Among these users is Massimiliano Torchia, Senior Project Manager at Th3 Standard Inc., an international architectural studio renowned for its specialization in retail design and project management. 

Massimiliano Torchia oversees multiple markets and explains the significance behind 4URSPACE in an exclusive video. He relies on the platform to streamline project management and provide the essential insights required for the successful completion of each project. Read the Q&A below and watch the video. 

4URSPACE: Can you introduce yourself? What’s your title? Tell us about your company. 

Massimiliano Torchia: My name is Massimiliano Torchia. I’m a Senior Project Manager in charge of the American East Coast for Th3 Standard Inc.

For over a decade, our company has dedicated its focus to retail architecture, covering a wide spectrum of services including surveys,  permit acquisition, construction supervision, coordination for openings, budget management and handling final paperwork.

4URSPACE: How do you use the 4URSPACE store project management tool? What sets 4URSPACE apart from other solutions in the market? 

Massimiliano Torchia: I think it’s an indispensable tool for my role as it aids us throughout the tender process and accompanies me during every site visit, handover and punch list suspension. The software helps streamline or organize the multi-level aspects that need to be managed in the field, ensuring efficient control and oversight.

4URSPACE: How would you describe the experience of working with the 4URSPACE team regarding support and availability? 

Massimiliano Torchia: The app itself is intuitive, and the user-friendly interface makes it an indispensable digital partner during critical phases of project management. Its clarity and ease of use greatly enhance its value, ensuring smooth navigation through crucial project milestones.

4URSPACE: What aspects do you appreciate the most about 4URSPACE and working with the team? 

Massimiliano Torchia: I believe they are reactive when support is needed. They are friendly, helpful, and assist. They have the capability to turn challenges into opportunities.

About the 4URSPACE Store Project Management Tool

The Store Project Management application offers a robust dashboard with unlimited project and team member access. It provides valuable insights into retail projects, optimizing their management while integrating organizational tools to streamline essential information tracking—all in one place. Trusted by renowned companies like Th3 Standard, but also brands such as Sephora USA, and Louis Vuitton Singapore, our tool ensures efficient project management.

Our dedicated team delivers personalized service, ensuring easy customization to suit the unique needs of each project. Key features include:

  • Unlimited team members to your projects
  • Custom reporting
  • Integration with our Global Vendor Marketplace
  • Cloud storage access
  • Competitive bid management
  • Sustainability tracking & reporting
  • Full scope of analytics
  • Personalized account set up
  • Custom API integrations

About Th3 Standard

Th3 Standard is a global architectural design and project management firm specializing in retail environments. With incredible attention to detail, Th3 Standard crafts retail stores, showrooms, boutiques, and offices, leveraging our expertise in end-to-end building and design management processes. 

Over their years in the industry, Th3 Standard has successfully delivered projects for renowned international retail brands and franchise partners. Explore their vendor profile and discover their portfolio of projects.

If you’re a project manager looking for a project management solution, schedule a call here with 4URSPACE today for a demo with Stefano Sanchini.

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